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Welcome to ELITE POSTICHE - here at EQUATE since 1991.
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High quality wigs and hair pieces available in human hair and synthetic, bespoke and ready made for men and women. A discreet caring service in our private room, here in our salon. We provide free consultations with our experienced specialists Rosina and Paula to guide you through the selection process.

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We are a family run business who have unprecedented amounts of experience in hair and hair loss solutions. Rosina founded the business in 1991 and her twin sister Paula joined the business a few years later. Both are highly experienced qualified hair stylists and wig specialists. We pride ourselves on our friendly caring service, honest advice as well as help and support.We offer a discreet and caring service in our specialised and private room in our salon where clients can be assured that they will receive a pleasant and moral boosting experience. 

We do not offer a mail order service because we believe in the importance of meeting our clients and understanding your needs. Choosing the right style is vital and we are here to help and advice on the style and achieve the perfect fit. We can cut to your individual needs and with skilled techniques we can help you achieve a natural look. Expert cutting from a fringe trim to a restyle, shaping, thinning and texturising. We give tips on how to style and create different looks, advice on care and maintenance. Our service doesn’t stop when you leave the salon as we always happy to help and advise with caring for your new hair. Call us on 02380 67 87 56 or email us-

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Our Monofilaments Selection

More sophisticated wigs have a monofilament and polyurethane top and frontal area into which individual hairs are hand knotted. Monofilament bases allow the clients underlying scalp to be seen due to the materials transparency thus giving a more natural look.
This unique process allows you to comb and part these wigs in any direction, in contrast to the fixed style restriction of a wefted wig. The inclusion of polyurethane provides greater comfort and serves as an attachment point for double sided adhesive tape. Adhesive tapes provide extra security for the wig wearer.
    maxine                   dolly  
Adele - £104.00
Maxine - £205.00
Angelique - £115.00
Daisy - £130.00
Dolly - £210.00
coral loise
Willow - £200.00
Sue - £205.00
Coral - £189.00
Louise - £215.00
Heaven - £230.00
Brooke - £210.00
Demi - £215.00
Invitation - £230.00
Attract - £180.00
Illusion - £230.00
Enthrall - £200.00
Pearl - £188.00
Kira - £200.00
Serene- £210.00
Chanelle- £152.00

The wigs in this collection feature the latest in wig technology. The Raquel Welch Memory Cap offers the ultimate in light comfort and dependable fit.Sheer indulgence featuring hand knotted monofilament design, seamless details and exquisite craftsmanship to give you incredible colour, quality, texture and flexibility. Made with 100% human hair or fine synthetic fibres, the possibilities are endless.
So go ahead: indulge.

You deserve it.

  Gilded 12   Alpha wave 16   Down Time   Gilded 18   Miles of Style  
  Chameleon   Scene Stealer   Spot Light   Top Billing 18   Glamour and More  
  Simmer   Stop Traffic   Editors Pick   Unfiltered   With a Bang  
  Success Story   Winner   If you Dare   Simmer   Muse  
  dixie pixie    






Glazed Strawberry
Advanced French
Cover Girl
Crushing on Casual
Crowed Pleaser
wild fire
Flirt Alert
Editors Pick
Go For It
Tango - £310.00
Maximum Impact
Show Stopper
Spotlight Elite
Trend Setter
Watch Me Wow
Star Quality
Tres Chic
A basic wig is referred to as wefted-machine made, constructed from a series of synthetic hair wefts arranged into rows, or panels. A weft is a length of material onto which human or synthetic hairs are machine sewn. The finished style will be dependant upon the length of the hair stitched to each individual weft panel.

  april     beverly    
Eva - £104.00
April - £95.00
Zara - £95.00
Beverly - £165.00
Lauren - £110.00
  Cathy   Commitment   concept   Crystal   definatly  
Cathy - £107.00
Commitment - £95.00
Concept - £95.00
Crystal - £150.00
Definatley - £100.00
  Denise     Essence   Gloria   Instinct  
Denise - £95.00
Mylie - £100.00
Essence - £111.00
Gloria - £95.00
Instinct - £111.00
Jill joanna
Elizabeth - £111.00
Jay - £95.00
Jill - £111.00
Joanna - £173.00
Timeless - £95.00
paula janie Short Cut
Glaze - £133.00
Paula - £111.00
Tara - £84.00
Jamie - £95.00
Short Cut - £111.00
spell bound Susana vernice goldie  
Breeze - £111.00
Spell Bound - £95.00
Susanna - £95.00
Vernice - £95.00
Goldie - £157.00
Leah - £100.00
Audry - £95.00
Connie - £202.00
Harmony - £100.00
Hazel - £111.00
Imogen - £160.00
Jordin - £105.00
Melody - £110.00
Millie - £115.00
Mirander - £220.00
Misha - £104.00
Lottie - £126.00
Linzi - £135.00
Victoria - £111.00
Leonora - £115.00
Contact us on 02380 67 87 56, you can find us on Facebook or email us info@equatehairandbeauty.co.uk